CAD CAM Restoration

Mascot Dental Centre has introduced a CAD-CAM E4D machine into their treatment protocol, the result has had an astonishing improvement in the quality of restorations.

It is a computer controlled milling restoration system designed for dental practices. Traditionally some complex procedures would have required several visits, It allows the clinician to place non-metallic, tooth-coloured restorations made of high quality, durable ceramic materials chair side in just one visit, without impression-taking and temporaries and unnecessary reduction of healthy tooth structure and provides our patients with beautiful aesthetic restorations in one appointment.

We can now offer restorations that look, feel and behave like natural teeth. We can provide this treatment in one visit, confident that the quality and longevity cannot be matched by any other material.

There have also been studies carried out that have shown them to be stronger than intact natural teeth.

Often these procedures can be complete in one appointment with the use of our E4D machine. This allows chair side fabrication of the ceramic crown and cementing to the tooth in one visit. The E4D machine allows us to restore otherwise normal fillings with inlays and onlays which can preserve the tooth longer than a conventional tooth coloured resin filling. Again this is complete in one appointment.

The E4D Dentist System provides the dentist with the capability of delivering same day dentistry to you using the latest in technology and clinically proven materials. In contrast to conventional dentistry, which often takes two full appointments to restore a single tooth, the E4D dentist system enables the dentist to scan the prepared tooth in your mouth, design the final restoration using specialised software then send the information wireless to an in-office milling station, and then mill your metal- free restoration with precision in just minutes. Your dental professional can then adjust, characterize with colour or polish your final restoration to final lustre. Your permanent restoration is ready to be seated in your mouth in the same day or even within a single appointment. This eliminates the need to wear a temporary for weeks at a time and then come back for another appointment to get the final restorations.

Conventional methods of placing single crowns usually require two appointments. During the first appointment, the dentist will usually prepare the tooth, take an impression of the area to send to a dental lab, and finally create a temporary crown for you to wear while your permanent crown is being made. During that time lots of things can happen to your tooth; it can shift in position, it can become more sensitive, or unsupported areas can be more susceptible to breaking. With CAD/CAM dentistry we can often provide you with a Same Day Solution. This provides you with the convenience of only one appointment and eliminates the waiting period for your permanent restoration. Visit us to see if Same Day Dentistry is right for you!

The Benefits of E4D

With E4D we can create porcelain inlays, crowns, bridges or cosmetic veneers in just a single visit, without the need for impressions, temporary fillings, crowns or multiple appointments. E4D restorations are an extremely natural looking alternative to fillings. Custom-made from porcelain for strength, they are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth. Unlike conventional fillings, which require the removal of large amounts of healthy tooth, with the precision of E4D only the damaged portion of your tooth needs to be removed.