At Mascot Dental Centre, general dentistry treatment includes oral surgery and extraction, which may be needed if you have a tooth with a very extensive decay, bone damage, gum infection or an irreparable fracture. Once we have removed your tooth, Dentists at Mascot Dental Centre will be eager to advise you on your options for a suitable replacement of the missing place, which will prevent your nearby teeth from moving out of the proper alignment in both upper and lower jaw. The options could be bridges, Removable denture or Implant.

Minor Oral Surgery

Minor oral surgery is a broad term referring to surgical procedures to the mouth, oral cavity and jaw that can be performed safely and comfortably under local anaesthesia and/or sedation in our rooms.

These are procedures considered by the dentist suitable for local anaesthesia. Such procedures range from biopsy of lesions, removal of lumps or cysts, drainage of abscesses, removal of teeth, fractured roots, wisdom teeth, certain traumatic injuries and simple jaw fractures.

Surgical management options are always discussed with you and undertaken  after an informed decision/consent is reached between you and the dentist.

Frencotomy and Tongue Tie

Many people have lips and tongues that are held too tight by the fraenum (that ligament that attaches your lips and your tongue to your gum and jaw bone). The terms, ‘short fraenum’, ‘short fraenulum’, or ‘tongue tie’, refer to a restricted lingual fraenum due to a consolidation of tissue, usually leading to reduced mobility of the tongue. This can cause:

  1. Gum recession in between the teeth (mainly the front upper and front lower teeth). and gum recession on individual teeth.
  2. It is commonly observed that a person with tongue-tie cannot protrude the tongue tip beyond the edges of the lower incisors, or to the maxillary alveolar ridge (behind the upper incisors). Sometimes when a person with tongue-tie attempts to protrude the tongue it forms a characteristic ‘W’ shape.
  3. Spaces and gaps between teeth.

Tongue Tie surgery

Tongue-tie surgery (lingual frenectomy) involves more than just a simple clipping or a quick snip, but more involved tissue resection under general anaesthetic. It is therefore not recommended unless there is a good (speech, dental or other) justification for doing it.