Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our teenage years see the development and eruption of the often troublesome wisdom teeth. Many people retain their third molars throughout life, however many of our patients suffer from problems associated with their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the last tooth series to appear in the mouth and often have insufficient space to take their proper position in the mouth. An impacted wisdom tooth can decay, damage adjacent teeth and infect the gums and surrounding bone.

At Mascot Dental Centre, an OPG (panoramic film) is mandatory for diagnosis and a plan can then be developed to manage your wisdom teeth. An examination at Mascot dental centre will help us explain the options to suit your own personal circumstance.

Some wisdom teeth can be simply removed under local anaesthesia in the chair, while impacted or trapped teeth will often require a minor surgical procedure, either in the dental chair or under a short general anaesthetic.

Treatments can be designated into non surgical and surgical management. Non surgical management involves maintaining your third molars. This requires close review of your condition with a special emphasis on keeping them as clean as possible. Regular OPG’s are advisable if conditions deteriorate. Surgical management involves removal of your wisdom teeth in either the dental chair under local anaesthesia and oral sedation or a general anaesthetic at the private hospital.