Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges make it possible to protect damaged teeth and restore your appearance, your chewing ability, your natural bite and recreate your smile. Providing protection and a natural tooth-like appearance, crowns and bridges are used to restore or replace decayed, chipped or cracked teeth. A crown is a complete cover for a single tooth, while a bridge can replace one or more missing teeth, by utilising the teeth either side of the space as support.

Both treatment options offer strength, durability and performance, and are custom made and fitted to ensure your long-term protection and improved appearance. To ensure the long-term success of your treatment, a thorough examination is conducted and careful preparation taken prior to receiving your crown or bridge, which can often be completed in just two appointment visit


Are so called because they replace the visible part of your tooth which is known as the crown.

A dental crown will replace extensively broken down teeth and prevent them from breaking any further. A crown will protect, strengthen and brace a tooth. It will hold it together and allow many more years of trouble free dentistry.

Strategic teeth such as your first molars that have had extensive amalgam dentistry are at risk of collapsing and breaking the tooth. An amalgam is a very strong restoration but in an extensively restored tooth will lead to failure. Hence placement of a crown over the tooth will preserve vital tooth structure and prevent failure.


Replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring an artificial tooth to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. To do this we use a combination of gold alloy and porcelain because it is strong, matches with your normal teeth, is stain resistant, can be cleaned and an allergic reaction to these materials is extremely rare.

A bridge may be necessary where a tooth is too badly decayed to save with a crown for replacing more than one missing tooth, bridges can be created to fill the space. The bridge (or replacement tooth) is held in place by crowns secured to sound teeth on either side of the space.

These treatment options provide durability, strength and an aesthetic appearance, being custom-made.