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Play sports? You may want to consider wearing a mouth guard.

If you or your child frequently participates in sports, you are most likely familiar with the concept of a mouth guard 

 As an athlete or a parent, you’ve probably heard about mouth guards, the flexible piece of plastic you can wear over your teeth.

Dental injuries are quite common in contact sports mouth guards significantly minimize the risk of sports injuries to the mouth and jaw.

There are several benefits to wearing a mouth guard, which we will discuss below

A mouth guard will:

  •  Protect your teeth.

Without a mouth guard, your teeth are more likely to be chipped, broken teeth or even get knocked out. Protecting your teeth now can also save on immediate dental expenses

  • Protect Your Dental Work

Anyone who has had any dental work done will need to extra vigilant when playing sports. If you have braces, or other semi-permanent dental work, you should take precautions to protect your teeth at all times. Wearing a mouth guard will protect teeth, brackets, and other fixed pieces from damage.

  • Protect against other serious injuries.

High-impact sports can potentially be quite dangerous to parts of your body other than your teeth. This includes root, bone damage and jaw fractures. Surprisingly, a mouth guard can protect against some of these more serious injuries Also, mouth guards may reduce the severity of concussions by acting as a buffer to a blow. Obviously these more serious injuries should be avoided at all costs, so investing in a quality mouth guard is certainly worth the effort.

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