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Things every person with dentures needs to know

Have you been using dentures for quite some time now? Great! Dentures are the perfect option to get missing teeth replaced. Dentures are a popular option, these can be either partial to fill in the gap caused by missing teeth or, if all the teeth are gone, a full set to allow you to eat, drink, smile and talk freely and with confidence. But to be able to derive the maximum benefits from your dentures, you need to understand how to care for them.

Clean Them Regularly

Dentures, much like your natural teeth, have to be cleaned every day. Even though they are not natural teeth, dentures still need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good

Dentures get stained easily and if not cleaned regularly and properly, will lose their sheen and sparkle. Avoid eating a lot of coloured foods or drinking beverages as the colouring particles in them can stain the ceramic teeth.

Remove Them When Not in Use

Dentures will have to be removed and kept safely aside from time to time, preferably at night before going to bed. Failing to do so may cause numbness in the gums, bad breath, shrinking gum line, damage to the dentures, etc. When you take the dentures off, keep them soaked in a glass of water or denture-cleansing solution to keep them well lubricated.

Dentures will Require Repairs

Dentures need regular maintenance and, at times, repairs and adjustment. Your dentist will tell you how to maintain them. If repairs are needed, go back to your dentist to be sure of having the repairs done correctly.

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